Saturday, December 26, 2009

Crazy Daisy

Honey is a natural born dancer. She has rhythm and she has soul. She’s about seventy pounds and she knows how to shake every ounce for maximum performance. For an old dog, she’s got moves! I sing to her at least once a day. Honey loves the sound of my off-key voice. Her favorite songs are, “Crazy Daisy, Crazy Daisy, Oh my Darlin’ Crazy Girl,” (sung, of course, to the tune of “Oh My Darlin’ Clementine”). She grins at me and starts her happy feet going along with her tail which is going round and round like a lasso.

My husband Alex gets embarrassed because I sing loud and not well. Our neighbors can hear me. I also sing a sad song to her, “I was at St. James Infirmary, and I saw my Daisy there! All stretched out on a table, so cold, so cold, so bare.” Honey ignores that it is a sad song, it prompts her to start her boogie!

Her favorite song might have something to do with, “Four foot two, eyes like glue, oh what those four feet can do, has anybody seen my gal? If you should run into, a four foot two, covered in fur, diamond rings, all those things, betcha bottom dollar that is her! She can sing, she can dance, oh that girl can make romance ... has anybody seen my girl?” By this time, she’s shaking and frothing at the mouth. Girl loves to dance. (By the way, eyes like glue means that golden brown colored stuff that we used as kids.)

Unless I sing for her, she is a very stoic dog. She does not seem particularly excited except when I begin my warbles. She’s staid, obedient, almost military in her bearing. She has a sense of humor but she only shows it to me. Most people find her scary because she is so serious. (Oh, and there’s the pit bull thing too.)

Harry, her male companion, has no rhythm. He watches her silently from across the room (or backyard) while she and I make musical. He’s never inclined to join in, but he looks on longingly sometimes. Harry is also accomplished at “happy feet” but it’s totally different. He reserves his energy for chasing squirrels. Plus, he just won’t get out on the dance floor (like so many guys).

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