Saturday, December 26, 2009

Honey and Her Mohawk

Honey is about nine years old. Fairly old for a big dog. She’s part German Shepherd and part Pit Bull. She has the typical German Shepherd coloring, along with a gorgeous face with permanent eyeliner on her big golden brown eyes. She’s calm, smart and scary. She weighs about seventy pounds and is about twenty pounds lighter than her companion dog, Harry. She is all muscle with big white teeth in a massive jaw structure.

Honey is a soldier. She’s brave, bold, and breathtaking in her demeanor. She’s also gentle, soulful, and caring. Honey is the girl you want around you if you aren’t feeling well. She’s also the one you want with you if you walk through a bad neighborhood. Honey knows her commands and obeys them. She’s equally comfortable being told to “sit” or “platz” in German. She walks with or without a leash in exactly the same way. Perfectly.

The only time Honey is aggressive is when something isn’t comfortable for her. The PG&E guy reading the meter has come too close to her domain. She lets him know this is not okay. Fortunately, the PG&E guy only comes once a month, so he has time to recover his nerve from her aggressive challenge. When she’s not pleased about something, she gets a Mohawk. Her fur stands straight up down her back. It’s awesome to see, if a bit scary if you aren’t used to it. She rapidly changes from “a seventy-pound dog” to “a 150-pound dog” with the embellishment.

Most people who encounter Honey are afraid of her. No reason to be. She’s a very civilized girl. She actually is something of a flirt and really loves male attention. Honey will smile (okay, to some it’s showing her teeth, but it’s actually a smile) and give wonderful sidelong glances over her shoulder at some guy. We have met Hells’ Angels who adore her!

Honey won’t be here forever. I dread the day I lose her. She is my forever girl.

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